The Yalini Experience


Getting to the heart of your issue

Do you suffer from that horrible little voice running rampant in your mind? Telling you things like "you'll never make it, you're pathetic, a failure, too fat, not worthy, not good enough" and so much worse?

If you said yes, you're not alone. Thoughts like these normally take over when you've become disconnected. Disconnected from your heart, your body and your mind. Instead of tuning in and knowing how to listen to the feedback of all your senses in a balanced way, somewhere along the way, you may have learned to live mostly from your head. 

This imbalance allows the life-limiting thoughts and beliefs in your mind to take over, and when this happens, you can become disconnected from yourself and the present moment. You stop living in the here and now, and live instead in an imagination gone wild. This creates your suffering, by either replaying moments from the past like a broken record, wishing you'd done things differently, or by projecting your thoughts into the future, worrying yourself sick with all those worst case scenarios. All this happens despite the fact that the past cannot be undone and your future fears may never eventuate. 

Ultimately, with all these thoughts running rampant in your mind, heightening your state of stress and worry, you've likely become distrustful of yourself. And it's no wonder, you've essentially become paralysed by your own imagination. But in an effort to try and regain control, you may have moved towards extremes. Perhaps becoming even more reliant on your mind to think and control your way through every problem and every decision in such agonising detail, that you're left feeling exhausted, depleted and more confused and overwhelmed than ever. You have become out of balance and therefore out of touch. And hence, you suffer.

But things don't have to stay that way, you can make the courageous decision to end your suffering. Through the Yalini Experience, I can show you how. The choice is yours.

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Are you ready to step out from the shadows and reclaim your life?


Helping You Create a New Future

To overcome the disconnection within you, the Yalini Experience is founded on a unique combination of hypnotherapy and heart integration therapy to harmonise your head and your heart. This allows you to overcome the battle in your mind so you can come back to yourself, allowing you to remember the magic of who you really are. 

Through hypnotherapy you can uncover the root cause of the thoughts and beliefs that have been holding you back. In doing so, you can dissolve their hold on you and generate new neural pathways for transformation. This process is like getting a software upgrade for your brain! Instead of running the same self-sabotaging software that's been keeping you stuck in your anxiety, depression or emotional eating, hypnotherapy supports you to upgrade your thoughts, habits and beliefs, to align with the calm, happy or fit vision of health that you desire.

In addition, heart integration therapy helps you feel safe to feel and reconnect with yourself and your truth. This therapy includes a combination of light language transmissions and 'psychic surgery.' It helps balance the frequency of your heart and brings it back into harmony with your mind so you can learn to not only trust yourself again, but feel into the intuitive messages you're receiving from your body. By knowing how to tune in and take action when issues arise, you can address and release them quickly, preventing them from building-up to your breaking point, and leading to things like 'over-reactions' (which is really just a reaction to everything you're holding in). This reconnects you to your power and opens up possibilities that empower you to live with more love, truth and joy in your life.

Through the Yalini Experience, you can start to choose the present and future you desire to create. The oppressive weight on your chest can be lifted and you can start living in harmony and synchronicity with your true self again.


Embarking on your journey

The signature Yalini Experience combines the power of hypnotherapy and heart integration therapy to help you overcome your challenges with anxiety, depression, weight loss and more. Services are offered to you in three-tiered programs: Deluxe, Premium and Standard, each designed around the level of support and transformation you desire.

Unlike other therapies, you won't have to keep coming back for years. In fact, most clients will feel the benefits after just one session. That's because these signature programs are designed to help you clear your personal obstacles that are paralysing you from truly living. By clearing away your old, life-limiting blocks, the programs lovingly support you to activate your potential so you can discover and stand in your own true power. It's about reconnecting to who you really are!

The Deluxe program is recommended to enjoy the full benefits of support available to you. It includes an iridology & sclerology wellness assessment to identify what's happening deeper in your body, as well as a comprehensive nourishment plan to guide you back to health. It also offers personally tailored heart integration therapy or rebirthing breathwork sessions to transcend your healing for the ultimate reboot. 

The Premium and Standard options are more hypnotherapy focused and include targeted heart integration therapy recordings (compared to personally tailored sessions in the Deluxe program). If you're not looking for a deep mind, body, and spiritual 'spring clean', the Premium option is suitable for chronic anxiety, depression and weight loss issues, and the Standard option to release the build up of emotional burdens and anxiety.

See below to find out more about what each program offers and how they can help you. 

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16 sessions
A deep mind, body and spiritual cleanse, which addresses chronic issues, emotional wellness, health and lifestyle

This is the ultimate life reboot. It goes beyond just addressing your immediate challenges, such as chronic anxiety, depression or weight loss, and extends to build self-confidence, self-love, motivation and drive. Through the program, you're supported to start achieving your goals and develop lifestyle and wellness practices to cultivate better health, peace and balance in your life. You can even learn to reconnect with your inner self by clearing energetic and emotional blocks so you can live from a space of deeper truth.

Program Includes:

  • 1 x Wellness assessment and nourishment plan

  • 12 x Hypnotherapy sessions to release deep-seated emotional baggage including patterns of self-sabotage, overcome chronic issues and life-limiting beliefs, build self-confidence and self-love

  • 3 x Personalised heart integration or cellular rebirthing sessions to clear emotional or energetic blockages

  • 5 x Heart integration support recordings for activation, heart integration, inner power, inner joy and self-love

  • Resources, tools and recipes to keep you moving forward


12 sessions

Tailored to support you through the build-up of emotional burdens as well as chronic issues including severe anxiety, depression and weight loss

This program supports you to release the emotional layers that may be causing 'over-reactions' or panic attacks, as well as the worries and fears that are keeping you trapped in anxiety or depression. By doing so, you can rediscover your balance, inner calm and power. You can even shed the excess weight and feel ready to come out into the light where you can shine. 

Program includes:

  • 1 x Breakthrough induction session

  • 11 x Hypnotherapy sessions to release the build-up of deep emotional burdens, self-sabotage and overcome chronic issues for anxiety, depression and/or weight loss

  • 4 x Heart integration support recordings for activation, heart integration, inner power and inner joy 

  • Resources and tools to keep you moving forward

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8 sessions

Supports you to overcome the build-up of emotional burdens such as sadness, anger and fear, and addresses modern-day stresses like anxiety

Not only can this program help you address issues relating to stress and anxiety, but it also teaches you simple and powerful life hacks that you can implement to move through life's challenges with greater ease and speed, so you stop going down that same old rabbit hole.

Program includes:

  • 1 x Breakthrough induction session 

  • 7 x Hypnotherapy sessions to release the build-up of emotional burdens and overcome problems like anxiety

  • 3 x Heart integration support recordings for activation, heart integration and inner power

  • Resources and tools to keep you moving forward


Program features

Below is a summary of the services provided in the Yalini Experience programs


Rewire your mind to transcend the limitations of your problem space so you can move into your growth space

Heart Integration Therapy

Balance the frequency of your heart so you can come back into balance and reconnect with your inner self

Iridology & Sclerology

Similar to the principles of reflexology, but for the eyes! Discover your inner health and how to nourish yourself from the inside out

Rebirthing Breathwork

Bypass your mind and let your body do the work to release the fears and the pain you're too scared to let go of


Your ability to heal, starts the moment you say -

"I am willing"

Yalini Nirmalarajah