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  • Protects you in uncomfortable and overwhelming situations
  • Acts as a shield against others' negative energy
  • Strengthens your energy field to keep you safe
  • Infused with crystals and essential oils
  • Blended with a vibrational sound process and blessed by a Balinese Priest


Detailed Overview

This crystal infused oil blend, made with a crystal roller ball, helps protect you in situations where you feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed. It acts as a shield against others’ negative projections, creating a more defined boundary between you and the world around you. It strengthens your energy field, making it vibrate at a higher and more stable frequency, so denser vibrations dissolve.


This protection blend is perfect for people who are empaths or sensitive to others' energies. Keep it with you when you're out in public and crowded places or when you're around difficult people. It can help stop you from feeling depleted and run down and will shield you from their negative projections. This protection roll-om works to increase the light held in your Aura so any negative projection coming toward you melts upon encountering your light.


Infused for 21 nights with the energy of crystals. When the protection roller is finished, you can remove the tiger's eye crystal 'roller' and repurpose it as jewellery.


Infused with the crystal powers of: Citrine, Black Tourmaline, Tiger’s Eye and Clear Quartz.

Contains essential oils of Lemongrass, Lime, Lavender, Peppermint and Eucalyptus.


Protection Crystal Roller – 8ml

Protection Crystal Roll-Om

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  • When in optimal condition, the Auric field is like a shiny egg around the body, but when your Aura is overwhelmed, it appears more like a sponge. Rather than being shiny and slippery it looks perforated and inconsistent, leaving you vulnerable to lower energies. With consistent use, the Protection Crystal Roll-Om can support your Aura to strengthen and become more resistant to unwanted vibrations.

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