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Come home to yourself with this Love Bundle. Specially curated to help you reconnect with your heart and divine essence, this bundle is all about bringing more love into your life.



  • 1 x Sensual Seed Oracle Deck (RRP $30)
  • 1 x Pure Love Auric Spray - 100ml / 3.4 fl.oz (RRP $33)
  • 1 x Rose Quartz Heart Crystal (RRP $23)


Sensual Seed Oracle Deck

This deck has been lovingly infused with the intention that each card be a reminder for you to deeply love and accept your true self. It is here to bring you back home and into alignment with your divine feminine truth so that you can invite more ease, joy and love into your life.


Invite these cards to form part of your self-love practice. As you continue to nurture and align with this process, let go and watch your life unfold with grace and beauty!


Pure Love Auric Spray

  • Softens your blocks to love
  • Supports your auric field to flow and expand with compassion
  • Helps you more easily attract and receive love
  • Infused with crystals and essential oils
  • Blended with a vibrational sound process and blessed by a Balinese Priest


Rose Quartz Heart Crystal

Rose quartz is the quintessential crystal of love. Inviting this crystal into your life activates the centre of love within your body, your heart chakra, so that you can attract love in every form.


It supports you to remember that you are never alone and connects your heart to the hearts of the earth and the universe. This amplifies the healing vibrations of the crystal, which can penetrate down to the cellular level of your body, reprogramming the cells for joy and hope. 


Develop a relationship with this rose quartz crystal. The more you connect with it, the more receptive you become to its healing vibrations that can calm and cleanse your auric field. With time, it can support your heart to blossom into the thousand-petaled lotus of light that it is, so you can become a magnetic channel of love.


Love Bundle

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