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Yalini Nirmalarajah

Head & Heart Integration Therapist


My Mission

My passion is to help you awaken to your true potential and purpose in this life so you can start living again.

So many of us have forgotten the magic of who we are. We’re so busy trying to cope and keep things together that we’ve become disconnected from the truth and potential of our inner being.

But I am here to remind you that your mind, your heart, your body are incredible and full of potential and wonder. Your life doesn't need to be this hard.

Imagine living a life that was about so much more than just 'survival' and trying to get through each day. How would that change things for you?

Your life can be full of possibilities. Full of joy and laughter and ease. This is all within your reach and my mission is to show you how.

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My Story

Life hasn’t always been easy. I was only six when my father died of cancer and my mother was left widowed with three children under the age of ten. Given that money doesn’t grow on trees, I understand what it is to struggle. So much of my early life was filled with pain and suffering that my heart simply shut down. It was too much for me to bear.

My emotions felt like a weakness, so to survive, my mind became my refuge, a safe haven from the pain I no longer wished to feel. At least in my mind I could push through and pretend I was ‘fine’ because when I was in my mind, I didn’t feel vulnerable. Instead, I felt like I had control and this allowed me to feel safe. But no matter how far you run, you can’t escape feeling your feelings, it catches up with you, one way or another, and you don’t get to pick the time or the place. For me, the pain I bottled up ultimately plunged me into a deep depression. Then life felt like one roadblock after another as I suffered from glandular fever, then chronic fatigue. It wasn't until I reached my breaking point with this life that something shifted and forced me to make a change. There had to be a better way because this wasn’t the life I wanted to live.

My journey into understanding the mind began the day I had enough with the pain and decided I was no longer ill. This powerful decision created the end to my suffering, put me on my path to wellness and allowed me to realise the power of my mind. It also forced me to confront the reality that I had been wearing my pain like a badge of honour. The story of being a ‘survivor’ had formed such an integral part of my identity that I didn’t know who I was without it. But as scary as that thought was, the idea of continuing to live a life of suffering, simply for the sake of clinging on to an old identity, was even more painful. In the end, by giving myself permission to let go of the outdated stories, I was offering myself an invitation to rediscover my true self and potential.

Through my study of psychology I had learned about the mind. But through hypnotherapy, I learned how to harness its potential to create deep and powerful changes. This is why I am so passionate about hypnotherapy, it helps you unlock the power that already exists within you.

With hypnotherapy, I began to heal and release deep seated wounds and beliefs that no longer served me. I had powerful breakthroughs and shifts. The experience was transformative, I felt lighter and freer. But something was missing. I realised that doing the work in my mind alone wasn’t enough. I had to put things into practice. For me to fully integrate my learnings and more deeply release the past, I had to learn to become comfortable in my heart, to be vulnerable with myself and to sit with my feelings. Because the simple truth is, there’s nothing you can do to avoid feeling.

It takes courage to let down your walls, to feel safe enough to feel and see deeper into your being. It’s a scary thought when you’ve built your life around not feeling in an attempt to protect yourself. But hypnotherapy helped me feel more comfortable with this, it helped me clear a backlog of emotions which prepared me to feel safe and ready to sit in my heart. It helped me to recognise the support network I had around me and that it was safe to receive.


Over the years, I had learned to be great at giving, but not receiving, because receiving requires you to be vulnerable, to put yourself out there and say you need help, and this invariably requires courage. But as humans, we’re not built to be lone wolves. It’s important to reach out and connect. Our feelings and vulnerability are the bridge for this connection. And although some feelings can hurt, they can also humble us, they make us real and allow our connections to build in deep and meaningful ways. They are the binding force for community and connection and allow us to invite more love into our lives. 

This is where my heart centred work began. Through reconnecting to myself, I came home to my truth and the essence of my being. I learned to feel safe to feel and to sit with my emotions, to understand the messages they were communicating. Because our emotions are just messages, they're a feedback loop letting us know if something does or doesn't feel right for us. By listening and tuning inward, my messages finally got delivered and I learned how to speak up and take appropriate action. The cost of stuffing things down was no longer worth it and I was free from the pressure cooker of my emotions.

Over years of dedicated conscious work and self-actualisation, my intuitive healing abilities were then activated. I became a conduit for heart integration therapy through light language transmissions, psychic surgery and clairvoyant messages. This helped balance the frequency of my heart to bring me back into harmony with my mind so I could learn to trust myself. The oppressive weight on my chest was lifted and I was safe to start living in harmony and synchronicity with my true self again.

Life is full of possibilities and through my personal journey, I now believe that there’s an opportunity and gift in everything. Even the challenges invite me to grow. Through this perspective, life is always happening for me, not to me, and all experiences are gifts for my own evolution. And so too they can be for you.

My desire to support you in the most profound way has resulted in many years of extensive study. I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology, as well as a post-graduate and masters degree in social and political science. I am a certified master practitioner of hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming and timeline therapy. I also have extensive post-graduate training in pain elimination, quantum consciousness, rebirthing breathwork, iridology, sclerology, health and wellness. 

It is my honour and privilege to remind you that your mind, heart and body are incredible and divine. And if you're ready to journey together, I can help you activate your potential.


My Dedication to You

I have seen too many clients who have lost their sense of self, referring to themselves as depressed, failures, some even as worthless. But these are labels used to describe how you feel, they don't define who you are! So, to help you remember, I wrote this poem for you. xx

"You are not the anxiety

You are not the depression

You are not the hurt or the grief

The anger or resentment

You are more than a label

For these words can't contain you

So may you put down the stories

That have kept you too small

You are light

You are joy

You are love at your core

You are more than a label

May you know this once more"