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Your Journey Begins Here

Are you ready for the possibilities?

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All services are offered exclusively online to help clients worldwide overcome their battle with:

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Weight Loss

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How I Can Help You

Yalini Nirmalarajah, Head & Heart Integration Therapist

I am here to remind you that your mind and body love you.


When you're in the throws of anxiety or depression, I know it can feel like your mind is working against you. Perhaps you're drowning in thoughts like"you're not good enough, you'll never make it, it's too hard, you don't know how." And maybe you're even stuffing your feelings and worries down with food. But the thoughts, the fears, the worries, they're simply old patterns of belief that no longer serve you.


Through my signature Yalini Experience offerings, I can help you overcome these thoughts and beliefs by leveraging the power of hypnotherapy to help you rewire your mind. In combining this with heart integration therapy, I also help you harmonise your head with your heart so you can feel safe to feel and trust yourself again. This opens you up to live with more love and truth and ease in your life, and from here, you can create the future you desire. Are you ready?

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Today I feel different, centred. When I take deep breaths my chest isn’t tight. My journal writing was different. I know what I want.
I am going to create a board of pictures of what I want my life to be and look like. I cried while doing yoga this morning. I have boarded up for too long, the doors and windows are opening.


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The Yalini Experience

The Yalini Experience is designed to help bring your head and heart back into harmony so you're no longer fighting against yourself to overcome the thoughts, fears and beliefs that are keeping you trapped in your suffering. This is achieved through  a unique combination of hypnotherapy and heart integration therapy which form the foundation of the three-tiered programs: Deluxe, Premium and Standard.


For those yearning and ready for a deep spiritual, emotional and lifestyle 'spring-clean', the Deluxe program is recommended. It's the ultimate life reboot and offers the full benefits of support available to you to address chronic and emotional issues, including a wellness assessment and nourishment plan. Premium and Standard programs focus more specifically on anxiety, depression or weight loss, with a range of targeted heart integration support recordings included across all experiences.

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16 sessions

A deep mind, body and spiritual cleanse, which addresses chronic issues, emotional wellness, health and lifestyle

Program Includes:

  • 1 x Wellness assessment and nourishment plan

  • 12 x Hypnotherapy sessions to release deep-seated emotional baggage, self-sabotage, chronic issues and life-limiting beliefs, while building confidence and self-love

  • 3 x Personalised heart integration or rebirthing breathwork sessions to clear emotional or energetic blockages

  • 5 x Specialised heart integration recordings to activate your potential, inner power and self-love

  • Resources, tools and recipes to keep you moving forward

12 sessions

Tailored to support you through the build-up of emotional burdens as well as chronic issues including severe anxiety, depression and weight loss

Program includes:

  • 1 x Breakthrough induction session

  • 11 x Hypnotherapy sessions to release the build-up of deep emotional burdens, self-sabotage and overcome chronic issues for anxiety, depression and/or weight loss

  • 4 x Specialised heart integration recordings to activate your potential and inner joy

  • Resources and tools to keep you moving forward

8 sessions

Supports you to overcome the build-up of emotional burdens such as sadness, anger and fear, and addresses modern-day stresses like anxiety

Program includes:

  • 1 x Breakthrough induction session 

  • 7 x Hypnotherapy sessions to release the build-up of emotional burdens and overcome problems like anxiety

  • 3 x Specialised heart integration recordings to activate your potential and power

  • Resources and tools to keep you moving forward

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Your future awaits you. Are you ready?

My mission is to help you remember that inside you exists an incredible potential to love, laugh, smile and live life with joy. To live in a higher vibration of bliss and be lifted by possibilities greater than you may have imagined.

The Yalini Experience opens the door to your infinite potential where you can rediscover your worth and your power. You are stronger than you know and I am here to support you every step of the way. Gift yourself the opportunity to wake up tomorrow filled with a new joy for life, as you become a beacon of hope and inspiration to your family and loved ones.

Book in your free phone consultation today, to discover how I can help you.

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When you commit to yourself, you can achieve the full potential of your goals. Therefore, only those clients that are ready and committed to their transformation journey are considered for The Yalini Experience Programs. To make sure you qualify, you can either book in a free 30 minute phone consultation, or you can complete the below form to find out more. Sessions are offered exclusively online to clients worldwide.

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