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Get Ready For Love

Are you ready for the possibilities?

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Supporting women to find true love within themselves, so they can find true love in a life partner

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Today I feel different, centred. When I take deep breaths my chest isn’t tight. My journal writing was different. I know what I want.

I am going to create a board of pictures of what I want my life to be and look like. I cried while doing yoga this morning. I have boarded up for too long, the doors and windows are opening.


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How I Can Help You

Yalini Nirmalarajah

Love Coach

I am here to remind you that you are loveable and worth loving.


The programs offered through The Yalini Experience are all about love. By helping women overcome their personal blocks and baggage, clients have been able to attract love in the form of life partners and marriage. This is the gift I want to share with you.


I know that when you're stuck in the cycle of bad dates with the wrong men, it can feel like love is working against you. It might even feel like "all the good ones are taken" or that "there's no point even trying anymore". But love is for everyone. You have not been forgotten, you are never too old, and you will not be left behind.


Sometimes there are just blocks that stand in the way of you and the love that you desire. Through my signature programs, you can finally remove these blocks so you can find true love within yourself, in order to find true love in a life partner.  

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Dedication to You

I have seen too many clients who have lost their sense of self, referring to themselves as depressed, failures, some even as worthless. But these are labels used to describe how you feel, they don't define who you are! So, to help you remember, I wrote this poem for you. xx

"You are not the anxiety

You are not the depression

You are not the hurt or the grief

The anger or resentment


You are more than a label

For these words can't contain you

So may you put down the stories

That have kept you too small

You are light

You are joy

You are love at your core

You are more than a label

May you know this once more"

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When you commit 100% to the programs, you can achieve 100% of the results. To find out more about how you can be supported to transform your love life, book in a free 30 minute online consultation, or complete the form below to find out more. Sessions are offered exclusively via zoom to clients worldwide.

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